Adaptive Golf Resources

Golf Associations

National Amputee Golf Association

Bob Wilson, Executive Director 

(800) 633-6242

Western Amputee Golf Association

Don Bigler, Trustee

(602) 993-2992

Southern Amputee Golf Association

Vince Moran, President

(615) 382-4933

Midwest Amputee Golf Association

Don Zommer, President

(630) 830-2763

Southwest Amputee Golf Association

Rich Monroe, Trustee

(512) 826-1400

Southwest Amputee Golf Association

Gwen Davies

(403) 256-1884

North American One Armed Golfer Association

Alan Gentry, Secretary

(502) 964-7734

Amputee Coalition of America

National amputee support organization

(888) 267-5669

United Amputee Services Association

Florida based support organization

(407) 359-5500


Tips & Information

John Nicholas

Single Rider Cart User

(703) 573-1216

Solorider - N.R.G. Partner

Four Wheel adaptive Golf Cart

(800) 898-3353

Fairway Golf Car

Four Wheel Adaptive Golf Cart

(800) 446-4522


Standing Rider Cart

(800) 370-6808

Pride Mobility

Four Wheel Adaptive Cart

(800) 800-8586

Disabled Golfers of Florida

Fred Corcoran, Director

(561) 655-8749

United States Blind Golf Association

Jim Baker, President

(614) 885-2952

Middle Atlantic Blind Golfers Association - Junior Program

Norman Kritz

(856) 428-1420

USGA Resource Center for Individuals with Disabilities -

info for golfers with disabilities

Rules of Golf for Golfers with Disabilities - modification from USGA

Queensland Amputee Golf Association

Ivan Walker, President

South Australian Amputee Golf Association

Gary Hart, President

National Alliance on Accessible Golf - accessible golf for all

Carol Wynne, Ex Dir

(703) 234-4136

Amputees Opportunities Unlimited Foundation

Ohio based support organization

(330) 336-7896

Golf Xpress

Four Wheel Adaptive Cart

(989) 846-6255


Four Wheel Adaptive Cart

(530) 268-6813

MDEK Electric Golf Car

Two-Seat Four Wheel Adaptive Car

(212) 726-5710

E-Z-Go Eagle SRC

Four Wheel Adaptive Cart

(800) 241-5855


Three Wheel Cart Allowing a person to stand to swing a golf club

(603) 860-7891

Amputee Associations
Adaptive Equipment: Single Rider & Adaptive Golf Carts

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