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Train Your Aim - Putting Aid Review

One of the things I love most about being an instructor are the opportunities I get to test and evaluate golf products and training aids. Over the past few weeks I had the chance to use a putting product called Train Your Aim. Some of the benefits are as follows:

♦ Aligns putter face to target line

♦ Immediate visual feedback on where putter is facing

♦ Easy to attach to putter, lightweight

♦ Fits in a pocket or golf bag

♦ Can be used for left and right handed putters

♦ Works best from 6 feet and closer

I used a Seemore putter and Odyssey Backstryke (See photo) for the majority of putts testing both the single pointer and double pointer, both were extremely effective. They worked as advertised and I personally preferred the single vs. the double after hitting 100 putts with each. 50 putts were hit on the putting green and then 50 on my Accelerator 3 putting green. They are both very easy to setup and adjust to any putter. Since I like to experiment I even used them chipping and found that they helped align my club since I have a slight tendency to open the face.

Overall these are compact, lightweight and very easy to use. They provide great feedback on the greens and will definitely help you make more putts from 6 feet and in with regular practice. Other then receiving one of each model to test I receive no financial compensation for the review or any purchases made.

They can be purchased at Train your aim.

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