• Scott Millman

Information Overload

It has always been one of my goals to write a book. I didn’t know what type of book - I just wanted to write a book about something… anything. I have been an athlete all my life, a successful youth soccer coach, and obviously a golf instructor. So a few weeks ago I figured I would write a golf book, I even went as far as to start writing the introduction and contacted a few people who I thought would write a good forward.

After doing some research I came to an obvious conclusion: There is too much information out there and the last thing the world needs is another golf book. As golfers we get bombarded with information & tips from our playing partners. There are countless books, magazines, websites, and phone apps telling us how to play or what the latest & greatest new technique, club, or ball is. There are mental -game coaches, swing coaches, fitness coaches, and another batch of websites, books, and apps dedicated to those as well.

It’s my opinion we are all on information overload and the one thing that is missing is the fact that we need to play the game more. You don’t get better by reading a book, looking at a website, or learning some new technique in the latest golf magazine. They all serve a purpose and in moderation can be very useful to a player and an instructor alike. One fact remains, and I will use a famous quote, “The answer is in the dirt”. What we all need is a defined plan, with a good instructor; and then we need to act on it. That is, play and practice on a regular basis.

Look around, who are the good players at your club, league, or place of business? I would bet they are the ones that play and practice the most.

With that said my book dream has been put on hold, but luckily there is blogging.

So I now ask, what is the single best golf tip you have received and who was it from?

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