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Putting Lesson

Updated: Jul 4, 2018

Over the years I have given far more full swing lessons then short game or putting. So I did some research and the average of full swing lessons to short game or specifically putting lessons is about

5-1. Yet putting is over 40% of the game. You will use your putter on every hole unless you hole out from off the green and we all agree it is paramount to shooting low scores. Drive for show putt for dough is the adage but what do I see? Thousands of training aids golf balls and golf clubs geared to help you hit it longer and straighter. We think nothing of spending $400 on a new driver but yet we scoff at the mere fact that a putter costs $250. My students often complain of being inconsistent. I ask when was the last time you got club fit? Never, they answer followed by several explanations as to why. How can you expect to perform at your best if the equipment you use is ill fitted to your swing or stroke? How can in good conscience ignore over 40% of the game? Putting by far is the quickest way to lower your scores.

There are as many ways to putt as there are putters. We all love it when we see our favorite golfer can a long one or make that 3 foot come baker for the win. Yet how many come for a putting lesson? Most people I have asked know all of this but honestly think they are ok at putting and will see greater improvement if they hit it longer or work on their iron play etc… I leave you with this, the top PGA tour player hit just over 75% of fairways in Regulation the worst was 50% The leader in putting average this year was Luke Donald who by the way was ranked 147th in Driving distance averaging right around 284 yds off the tee. BTW he is ranked number one in the world and won the money title on both the PGA and European Tours. Let the stats speak for themselves. You might want to meet me on the green for a lesson.

Driving Distance 284.1 147th

Driving Accuracy Percentage 64.29% 57th

Strokes Gained - Putting .844 1st

Eagles (Holes per) 402.0 153rd

Birdie Average 4.24 2nd

Scoring Average 68.86 1st

Total Driving 204

Par 3 Birdie or Better Leaders 16.79% 8th

Par 4 Birdie or Better Leaders 18.37% 18th

Par 5 Birdie or Better Leaders 52.71% 4th

Birdie or Better Conversion Percentage 34.11% 3rd

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