• Scott Millman

Do your clubs need a scrub?

Updated: Jul 4, 2018

Have you ever watched a tour pro closely before he/she hits a golf shot. Better yet have you ever watched their caddie after a shot? One thing you will notice is that they meticulously clean their clubs. Not just the head of the golf club but the grips get wiped down as well.

Grooves on a golf club serve a very important purpose. They grip the ball and impart spin. On the more lofted clubs and especially your wedges this is very important for stopping a ball on the green. On the longer clubs back spin helps reduce or negate side spin. The more debris you have in the grooves the less backspin you can generate and in many cases cause unpredictable ball flight but certainly one that will not stop once hitting the green.

The grip end should get a little tlc as well. Oils and dirt from our hands tend to build up after time reducing the tackiness of the rubber. One side note for slightly worn grips, a good tip to restore some of the tact to your grip is take some fine grade sandpaper and give them a quick once over. A little soap and water and you should be good as new. There are a number of towels brushes or towels with brushes built in that can make the process a little less painful. Remember to wipe down your clubs after every shot.

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