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Does the first tee make you nervous?

Updated: Jul 4, 2018

One of the most common questions I get asked is - how do I handle first tee jitters? The answer is simple: embrace the fact that you are nervous. I love that excited but nervous feeling I get in my stomach before teeing off in a big event. It’s a good thing!! It only becomes a problem when we let that feeling overwhelm us making it difficult for us to perform. It has been my experience that the “jitters” become too much to handle when a couple of things occur. You are worried about what people will think or you are overly worried about the result.

Both are very easy to deal with and I can tell you how in three little words: Pre Shot Routine!!! You need to have one. A good pre-shot routine will help quiet your mind. Even if you have never really worked on one we all have some sort of routine. We all approach shots in a similar manner so rely on that. Focus on a specific target and make it as small as possible. If the target is the right side of the fairway then pick a patch of grass or a specific spot in which you want to land the ball. If your natural shot is a draw and you have a tree picked out go one step further and pick a leaf on that tree. Also take a few deep breaths prior to your shot or even yawn to get extra oxygen into your system.

When we stand over a shot it may seem like all eyes are on you but in reality each player is only concerned with his own shot. So relax and remember golf is a game that is meant to be fun and enjoyed, not stressed over.

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