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Film your golf swing

Updated: Jul 4, 2018

There are a number of ways in which to film your golf swing. There are several cameras on the market that film in slow motion, up to 1000 frames per second. They offer an array of options but the most important is the shutter speed. Ones that I like, the Canon ZR60 & ZR85 as well as the Casio EXFH100. Smart phones are your other option. Today’s phones are a quick option to shoot and quickly email your swing. If your phone offers a sports option please use that setting. Keep in mind this option may not offer the best view of the shaft or other subtle elements of the swing but in a pinch will work.

Placement of the camera is critical to getting the most from your video. From a face on position the camera should be mounted on a tripod or other stabilizing device and be level with your waist.

This is a game of misses. The guy who misses the best is going to win. - Ben Hogan

From a down the line position the camera height remains the same but should be in a position halfway between the ball and your body. Please keep the following points in mind.

Distance from the player when shooting video is often over looked. Please be sure to get the tightest shot possible that includes the player, golf ball and full arc of the golf swing.

Be sure to keep your video short, remember if this has to be uploaded or emailed the larger the file the longer it takes. Please edit or compress larger files prior to sending. Have someone help if needed but you should be able to get 4-6 quality swings in about 30 seconds of video.

Make sure that you do not shoot directly into the sun or other bright light source. Lighting should be from over-head or behind the camera to avoid the silhouette effect, shadows or glare.

If you have questions or problems, please contact me and I will do my best to help.

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