Corporate Golf Program


  • The company does NOT pay for our program. We provide the instruction to your employees at no cost to the company . We simply need a small space indoors or out to provide training. Each employee is responsible for lesson fees. A company paid option is available to provide a perk for employee's. 


  • A Corporate Golf Wellness Program brings the golf instructor right into your company, increasing visibility to your current health and wellness programs. We especially attract employees who:

  • Have never had time to learn

  • Thought lessons would be to expensive

  • Do not want to drive to take lessons

  • Did not know who to contact for lessons

  • Sales teams wanting to conduct business on the course with clients

  • We manage the program for you, adding value to your company with little effort and minimal cost to your company. We take care of the scheduling of lessons, setting up nets and hitting mats as well as provide the clubs(if needed) and everything that is necessary for the program.


  • Simple lessons

  • Proper golf equipment

  • Apparel and accessories

  • Demo days

  • Golf Clinics

  • Additional learning opportunities outside the corporate walls

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