Our mission is to create a comprehensive and rehabilitative golf and support program for veterans and first responders with physical disabilities or those with PTS and/or TBI as well as their spouses, caregivers, and immediate family members in an effort to increase participation in golf by providing a therapeutic approach to the game. We will provide inclusive and accessible, physical, social, and community opportunities to improve the quality of life for these great heroes and their families.


The N.R.G. Foundation provides education to individuals with disabilities including PTS and/or TBI to build and enhance their golf game.

The Foundation uses golf as a viable means for players and enthusiasts to embrace life to its fullest through activity, fun, and social engagement.

One person at a time, N.R.G. Foundation is transforming lives by providing a therapeutic approach to golf that builds skill and self-esteem.


The Foundation truly embraces the concept of “No Restrictions Golf”.

The N.R.G. Foundation eliminates barriers and provides opportunities for golfers of all levels and abilities to enjoy golf.

Golf builds confidence and strengthens social networks – The N.R.G. Foundation strives to bring that opportunity to all.

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The N.R.G. Foundation is a project of United Charitable - a registered 501(c)(3) public charity. Donations are tax deductible as allowed by law